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Teradata Hybrid Cloud Introduces Power of Synchronicity: More Flexibility, Choice, Value

April 18, 2016 | TERADATA UNIVERSE, HAMBURG, Germany

Enables customers to transparently shift workloads across a mix of on-premises, managed cloud, and public cloud systems

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today announced innovative Hybrid Cloud advancements across its data warehouse product line, offering the next generation of agility, flexibility, and integration between systems.  Teradata Hybrid Cloud is a customer environment using a mix of on-premises, managed cloud, and public cloud resources orchestrated to deliver ease-of-use benefits such as automatic synchronization, optimized query routing, and end-to-end management across the ecosystem.

This new level of flexibility and workload portability enables organizations to quickly and seamlessly optimize their data warehouse resources to match continuously changing business requirements.  Companies can transparently shift workloads at will between resources in their Teradata Hybrid Cloud environment knowing the systems are synchronized and always ready to deliver business value to users. 

Today's Teradata Hybrid Cloud announcement spans four new and exciting capabilities:

1) Introduction of Teradata IntelliFlex™

2) Availability of Teradata Database on Amazon Web Services

3) Regional Expansion of Teradata Managed Cloud into Europe, and

4) New Teradata Services to Facilitate Customers' Hybrid Cloud Evolution

Introducing Teradata IntelliFlex™ 
Teradata IntelliFlex™ is the next-generation of industry-leading MPP (massively parallel processing) architecture. Its fabric-based structure provides multi-dimensional scalability, enabling companies to add processing power and storage capacity independently to meet their current and changing business requirements.  It provides a memory-rich configuration for powerful in-memory computing and high-density packaging that is data center friendly.  Teradata IntelliFlex brings the agile and flexible growth benefits of cloud offerings to the on-premises environment. 

IntelliFlex raises the bar on in-memory processing, delivering up to 3X more memory for comparable performance to the current generation of Teradata Data Warehouses.

Teradata has further enhanced its best-in-class availability, performance continuity, and data protection with the power of IntelliFlex, dramatically improving system availability by eliminating 87 percent of extended downtime due to unavailability of data.  Additionally, customers can double their system size in just 60 minutes with a simple database restart rather than full data redistribution.  At the same time, IntelliFlex provides better performance continuity to ensure users experience consistent performance with 75 percent less hot standby hardware, less cabling, and larger cliques.

IntelliFlex is also data center friendly; it accommodates a denser, more efficient cabinet footprint (i.e., more CPU cores, more memory, more hot data space) while making it easier for customers to re-rack, thus providing more flexible placement of components in the data center.  Customers who invest in IntelliFlex are future-ready, with a foundation that smoothly facilitates subsequent ongoing technology advancements.

Availability of Teradata Database on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Teradata confirmed today the immediate availability of Teradata Database on AWS.  Announced in October, multiple self-service offerings now available from Teradata on AWS Marketplace merge the advanced analytic capabilities of the Teradata Database software ecosystem with the convenience and flexibility of a click-to-subscribe environment, including both annual and hourly pay-as-you-go pricing.  Teradata Database on AWS is the first of multiple public cloud platform options to be available in the months ahead.

Regional Expansion of Teradata Managed Cloud to Europe 
In parallel with these new innovations, Teradata announces the regional expansion of Teradata Managed Cloud into Europe in 2H 2016, thereby bringing greater agility and choice to more customers worldwide.  Teradata Managed Cloud is a purpose-built environment engineered for best-in-class data warehousing, analytics, and Hadoop capabilities on a subscription basis. Monitored and overseen by dedicated Teradata experts, Teradata Managed Cloud allows customers to focus on analytics and business insight rather than on IT infrastructure management. 

New Teradata Services to Facilitate Customers' Hybrid Cloud Evolution 
To help customers extend the value of their existing Teradata investment and expand into the managed and public cloud environments, Teradata has developed a rich set of services to accelerate the benefits of Hybrid Cloud architecture.  Delivered by an experienced team of Teradata professional, managed, and enhanced support services professionals across a wide range of data and analytic topics, available packages include architecture consulting, education, onboarding, migration, database conversion, critical systems management, and full turnkey service delivery and ongoing management.  

Hybrid Cloud: Exactly What Teradata Customers Expect from Teradata 
With these advancements, companies can tailor their Teradata data warehouse environment with economic flexibility and requirements-driven deployment options using a combination of on-premises systems, managed cloud services, and public cloud resources. Teradata users value deployment choices and want agility, flexibility, and workload portability. 

"IDC market research clearly shows that hybrid deployment of business analytics technology is the way forward for the vast majority of companies across industries. Companies want to buy performance when they need it. They have more variation in the type and value of their data and analytics - and they want a solution that can cost-effectively query, analyze, and store all of it. The Hybrid Cloud announcement from Teradata brings in-demand technological advancements to its customers looking for on-demand on- and off-premises business analytics solutions," said Dan Vesset, GVP, Analytics and Information Management, IDC. "Teradata understands that companies want options. Its feature-rich, market-tested database software is the same regardless of deployment options. Today, it has introduced an integrated, tailorable solution with economically optimal choices that allows companies to maximize their return on technology investments."

Rising demand across the industry for Teradata Cloud services, options 
Populating virtually every industry, Teradata's cloud customers are growing in number and scale. A leading digital media company uses Teradata cloud services to support complex query-based analysis with millions of subscribers, billions of daily events, and sophisticated integration - and processes it all at extremely high speeds. A top pharmaceutical business is using Teradata in the cloud to facilitate patient and physician education with marketing touch-points, driving intelligent interactions across the web, call centers, events and third-party organizations. Core Digital Media, an online marketing and consumer acquisition firm, uses Teradata Managed Cloud as a disaster recovery solution for its existing on-premises Teradata system. Teradata cloud services are the choice for customers across many industries including telecommunications, retail, and humanitarian organizations. 

"Our Hybrid Cloud innovation represents a defining moment for our customers and the industry. We deliver the Teradata Database with all its rich analytic capabilities across the hybrid cloud, providing customers with application portability and business agility.  With the introduction of Teradata IntelliFlex, we are delivering unprecedented value in system availability, configuration flexibility, and hybrid in-memory computing," said Oliver Ratzesberger, president, Teradata Labs. "These exciting advancements, together with the unmatched expertise of our analytics and consulting services, are clear evidence that Teradata is transforming the analytics industry - while giving customers exceptional choice and fantastic new capabilities to transform their own businesses."

Teradata IntelliFlex will be available in the third quarter of this year, and the regional expansion of Teradata Managed Cloud into Europe will take place in the second half of 2016. Teradata Database on AWS is available now on AWS Marketplace, and Teradata Services to facilitate customers' Hybrid Cloud evolution are also available now.

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