Our Most Powerful Platform Designed specifically for scalable enterprise analytics, VantageCore IntelliFlex uses revolutionary MPP architecture and self-service software controls for independent scaling of processing power and data capacity.
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Independently scale processing power and/or data storage to closely match workload and data storage requirements. 


Built-in performance headroom and self-service performance elasticity system growth control — increase or decrease system capabilities with a fast database restart.

Business Protection

Confidence that your business is protected with mission critical availability and performance continuity. 

Reduce Cost

Reduce your data center cost and complexity with minimized cabling, extremely dense cabinet footprint, and more flexible hardware placement.


Experience faster, more consistent query responses with powerful, next generation technology from industry leaders. 


Deploy on-premises or within the Teradata Cloud, our secure managed cloud environment.


Scales to 2,048 nodes, accommodates over 100PB of user data, and supports 1000s of concurrent users/queries and 100s of applications.

Network Connectivity

Fabric-based architecture connects processing power and storage directly to the BYNET™ network.

Latest Technology

Experience the latest generation CPU and data storage technology.


Hybrid storage coupled with Teradata Virtual Storage efficiently places data based on usage frequency.

Workload Capabilities

Industry-leading workload management capabilities for optimizing database resources.

Data Resilience

Using redundant hardware components and the Teradata Database Fallback feature, your data is always available.

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VantageCore IntelliFlex is the most powerful and flexible hardware platform available for Teradata Vantage.

Hardware Overview

VantageCore IntelliFlex Datasheet

Discover Teradata VantageCore IntelliFlex: the highest performing, most dependable, most elastic, and most cost-effective Teradata analytics platform solution.

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  • VantageCore IntelliFlex Datasheet

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