Build what’s next: one-to-one financial experiences.

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Meet surging demand and evolving regulations. 

Businesses across the financial sector are shifting from delivering generalized products to tailored services. Add in regulation and compliance mandates, trends toward open and collaborative banking, and ever-growing security concerns, and a new approach to data and analytics becomes essential.

The future of financial services is built on data-driven capabilities.

Reimagined customer experiences
Use data-led listening and hyper personalization to effortlessly create intelligent conversations and one-of-a-kind financial experiences.
Enhanced risk management
Fully automate decisioning and integrate risk decisions with balance sheet optimization.
Automation through digitization
Increase agility and innovation at scale and drive data monetization through open banking and accessible APIs.
Streamlined regulatory compliance
Create an enterprise-wide integrated platform and enable near real-time “pull” frameworks with regulators.

Seize opportunities in a changing world.

Data analytics play a critical role in the industry's rapid transformation.


Banks will deliver personalized, lifestyle-inspired experiences to each and every customer, creating new business models and expansive digital ecosystems.


Intelligent interactions, automation engines, and life event-based services will drive seamless end-to-end insurance experiences at a lower cost.


As instant, effortless, invisible payments become part of our daily lives, advanced analytics will enable contextualized transactions and frictionless security.

How you build the financial services business of the future.

To compete in the years ahead, you need to equip your business to meet surging customer demand.

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Unleash your greatest asset: your data.

It's time to integrate all your data, tear down your silos, unify your efforts, and align your entire business to be ready for what's next.

Achieve total orchestration.

Use your data in the right way, and your financial business becomes a self-perpetuating, demand-meeting machine.

  • Accelerate

    Break down barriers and ingest all data at an individual customer level.

  • Converge

    Integrate all functions and drive insights across the business.

  • Deploy

    Enable enterprise-wide access to data, continually optimizing processes and services. 

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Only Teradata delivers.

Multidimensional scale.

Unleash the true power of your data with Teradata Vantage, the only platform capable of scaling in every direction and handling the immense demands of today—and an accelerated future. 

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The modern approach to a hybrid multi-cloud reality. 

One of the most powerful platforms in the industry is also the most flexible. Teradata is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics that offers the same experience and real-time results across public-, hybrid-, or multi-cloud environments.

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The expertise to make it happen.

Our team of experts knows the financial services industry inside and out. We've helped some of the world's best-known banks, insurance companies, and payment leaders use data to transform their organizations, secure their sensitive information, and deliver personalized customer experiences time after time. 

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Proven success, in our industry and yours.

See how Teradata can help you build the financial services of the future.

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