Build what's next: deeper engagements from deeper insights.

Unlock media analytics worth applauding.

Fragmented audiences. Shifting revenue streams. Total upheaval of traditional platforms. The media and entertainment industry is in the midst of a complete transformation.

As the lines blur between creators, publishers, and providers, the organizations that are able to deliver the kinds of cohesive, personalized entertainment experiences audiences demand will come out ahead. We’ll show you how to use media analytics to do it.

The future of media and entertainment is built on
data-driven capabilities.

Better audience insights
Capture and leverage ever-growing volumes of data about individual preferences, habits, and lifestyle factors to better understand your customers.

Content hyper-personalization
Develop and deliver content on an individual level across platforms and properties to drive engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Unified cross-channel experiences
Create cohesive entertainment experiences across distribution channels to increase subscriptions and cross-selling opportunities

Revenue realization and forecasting
Track, manage, and plan your shifting revenue from advertising, subscriptions, and partnerships.

IP, M&A, and business management
Manage your assets, accelerate merger negotiations, and drive competitive value through end-to-end business orchestration.

How you build the media and entertainment business of the future.

Unleash your greatest asset: your data.

It’s time to transform your data from an added bonus to your greatest asset — owned at the very top levels of your business.

Now showing: end-to-end business orchestration.

Use your media and entertainment analytics in the right way, and your entertainment and media business becomes a self-perpetuating, demand-meeting machine.

  • Accelerate

    Break down barriers and ingest all data at an individual customer level.

  • Converge

    Integrate all functions and drive insights across the business.

  • Deploy

    Enable enterprise-wide access to data, continually optimizing processes and services.

Only Teradata delivers.

Multidimensional scale.

Unleash the true power of your data with Teradata Vantage, the only platform capable of scaling in every direction and handling the immense demands of today—and an accelerated future.

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The modern approach to a hybrid reality.

One of the most powerful platforms in the industry is also the most flexible. Teradata is the connected multi-cloud data platform that offers the same experience and real-time results across public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments.

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The expertise to make it happen.

We’ve helped some of the world’s best-known entertainment and media companies use data to transform their organizations, boost audience engagement, and deliver personalized experiences time after time.

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Proven success, in our industry and yours.

It’s time to build the future of your business.

Let us show you how to uncover more insights, accelerate your initiatives, transform audience experiences, and equip your media and entertainment business for whatever comes next.
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