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Using data to innovate in sports analytics

Those familiar with professional sports recognize the paradigm shift from who was the perceived best player to how many wins a player is worth. This is happening by uncovering new insights and answers to questions no one thought of asking.

Whether you’re an avid fan or passive observer, sports teams rely on a competitive edge and differentiator to beat the competition.

Pre- and post-game TV shows, play-by-play commentators, and even we armchair coaches have no shortage of player, team, and league statistics at our finger tips. Every team is looking to these numbers to identify a unique opportunity to be better than the rest. Today’s next generation sports analytics and competitive advantage is possible with pervasive data intelligence. This is beyond statistics.

The Utah Jazz uses pervasive data intelligence for next generation sports analytics, leading to more wins and a better fan experience.

Dustin Spangler

Dustin Spangler VP Data and Analytics

Mr. Spangler, vice president of data and analytics for Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment, has more than 20 years of experience in helping companies drive value from their business intelligence and analytics objectives.

More than fielding the best team possible

Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment is using data and analytics to successfully increase customer satisfaction from a multitude of data sources and customer touchpoints.

Data sources

Player health

Ensuring star players are at peak condition.

Mobile application offers

To generate concession sales.

Player dietary habits

Like data, garbage in - garbage out.


Optimizing in-arena customer experiences.

Player sleep habits

Optimizing athlete rest during a long season.


Identifying available parking closest to your seats.

Customer satisfaction

The Utah Jazz see a direct and significant correlation in customer (fan) satisfaction and the amount spent on food and concessions when the team wins. Suddenly, parking is no longer an issue.

This results in a win-win-win scenario. When the Utah Jazz wins, fan satisfaction goes up, and Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment sees increases in revenues. All powered by collecting data from every touchpoint and leverage the data to solve for business outcomes. That is pervasive data intelligence.

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