Broad Ecosystem Integration Capabilities Architected and engineered to provide a highly customizable and integrated solution, IntelliSphere is the complete solution to provide customers the components of a truly flexible analytical ecosystem. Our goal is to support the customer’s need for data-driven insights by providing seamless, timely, and cost-effective access to analytics regardless of where the data resides. We achieve this by enabling new analytic solutions based on the broad ecosystem integration capabilities of Teradata IntelliSphere. 
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Teradata Data Mover

Teradata Data Mover removes the complexities from data movement and enables automation, control, and monitoring of the process. Its intuitive interface allows you to define tables and objects to move between sources and targets as well as determines the most efficient process in which to move the data.

Teradata QueryGrid™

Teradata QueryGrid software seamlessly orchestrates the use of multiple analytic engines and file systems, freeing the user to concentrate on their analysis. Unique in its design, Teradata QueryGrid enables bi-directional data movement and pushdown processing on data where it resides while minimizing overall data movement and duplication.

Teradata Business Continuity Manager

The powerful features of Teradata Business Continuity Manager directly address and overcome the challenges organizations face in multi-system, hybrid cloud environments by automating and simplifying query continuity when there is a system failure. Business Continuity Manager automatically coordinates and maintains order and query consistency across the environments when requests are automatically redirected from the failed system to the standby system.

Teradata Data Lab

A self-service, on-demand workshop within a Teradata warehouse that enables businesses to rapidly explore and test new ideas and data to innovate, identify trends, or immediately react to business conditions. 

Teradata Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) enables you to back up and restore data from your Teradata database using Teradata Viewpoint portlets: BAR Setup and BAR Operations. It also provides a command-line utility that you can use to configure, initiate, and monitor backup and restore jobs.

Teradata Multi-System Viewpoint

Teradata Viewpoint provides a web-based interface for managing and monitoring Teradata Database, QueryGrid, Presto, Aster Database, and Hortonworks and Cloudera Hadoop systems. It provides powerful systems management and monitoring across the enterprise for both administrators and business users.

Teradata Everywhere

The best database is also the most flexible database. Deploy both the architecture and business models you want, with cloud or on-premises hardware (or mix and match them) while incorporating data gravity and future-proofing your analytical environment.

Teradata Vantage

Vantage is the platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence. The only software of its kind, capable of managing all of the data, all of the time. So, you can analyze anything, deploy anywhere, and deliver analytics that matter. Vantage offers full integration with your favorite tools and languages, leading analytic engines, and new sources of data to deliver the answers you need to create better business outcomes.

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