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Teradata Marketing Applications Releases Newest Version Of Integrated Marketing Cloud

April 26, 2016 | INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana

Cross-Channel Orchestration, Marketing Operations Agility and an Expanded Partner Ecosystem Further Company’s Vision for True Individualized Marketing

Teradata Marketing Applications, a division* of Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), today released worldwide a new version of Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, an industry-leading solution for Individualized Marketing.  Among the highlights in this new version are:
  • Digital Marketing enhancements to drive intelligent interactions with individuals;
  • Better unification of interactions and data across advertising and customer marketing;
  • New integrations with eCommerce platforms, plus an alliance for Social Listening; and, 
  • Marketing Resource Management features that bring more ease and agility to the marketing process.

Individualized Marketing is the ability to build experiences with an individual on his or her channels of choice in a consistent, dynamic and engaging way. Teradata's approach combines agile marketing processes, integrated insights and connected interactions--precisely the capabilities enterprise and mid-market companies need to maintain trust-based relationships with individual customers.  Toward this end, Teradata's latest product release provides many new features to help marketers succeed.  Key capabilities are explained below.

Driving Intelligent Individualized Interactions via Cross-Channel Orchestration 
Teradata Digital Marketing Center is a complete SaaS solution for managing customer engagement and individualized interactions across paid, earned and owned channels. Built on a powerful content management system, Digital Marketing Center integrates email, mobile, social, web landing pages, app marketing/push notifications, micro-location targeting, and social advertising -- every tool today's marketer needs to execute powerful integrated digital campaigns. Teradata's newest solution empowers marketers to be more productive through improvements in the following areas:  

  • Content Management - Delivers an easier, faster, more cost-effective way to create digital messages, and requires no coding or technical skills.
  • Segmentation Builder -- Allows marketers to readily create customer segments from multiple selection criteria, ensuring more accurate targeting, better conversion rates and improved ROI.  
  • User Interface/User Experience Enhancements - Makes marketing easier by presenting a more coherent and visually appealing experience so marketers can work faster and more intuitively.  

These improvements are already earning praise from Teradata Marketing Applications customers: “Creating new customer segments is very easy and time-saving with the new segmentation builder,” said Valentine Rivier, marketing assistant, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer.

Unifying Interactions and Data Across Advertising and Marketing 
In late 2015 Teradata added a Data Management Platform (DMP) to the Teradata Marketing Applications portfolio to unify online advertising and customer marketing data, and drive real-time interactions across all channels. With this latest release, the DMP and Digital Marketing Center are now bilaterally connected.  This allows marketers to merge the worlds of known customers and audience marketing, and enables them to drive both advertising and customer marketing using a single cloud-based SaaS solution.

Leveraging Applications and Data through New Partnerships / Integrations 
Teradata's partner ecosystem is always growing, creating ways for marketers to expand their use of data through alliances and flexible APIs that broaden current solution capabilities. With this latest release of Digital Marketing Center, Teradata has expanded its partner ecosystem in two key ways:

  • eCommerce Integrations --  Seamless integrations with both SAP® Hybris and Magento® eCommerce platforms help marketers create new customer engagement opportunities.
  • Social Listening -  A new partnership with Talkwalker®, a leading social data intelligence company, enables marketers to translate social media data into business, customer and product insights.

Bringing Ease and Agility to the Marketing Process 
In tandem with these Digital Marketing improvements, the Marketing Operations enhancements in Teradata's latest release center on making marketing easier, faster, and more creative, productive and accountable. Teradata's integrated content management, intuitive user experience, and global scalability via a flexible, open platform create the ideal strategic solution for marketers today.  Some of the new enhancements in Teradata Marketing Operations include:

  • Expanded Task Inbox - New look, new functionality provide marketers a central place to easily manage their workload.
  • Agile Board - A system-wide visual display that is both desktop- and mobile-friendly gives marketers a quick snapshot of projects and their status.
  • Improved Annotation Viewer - Presents work more visually for at-a-glance understanding and delivers easier task adjustment and data filtering.
  • Spend Central - Marketers can now make forecasts more granular.
  • Calendar - Permits users to include more data than ever before.

Teradata's latest release delivers an overall improved, efficient and more visual user experience. Marketers are now free to experiment with new ideas and continuously improve upon them, striking the ideal balance between innovation and governance. 

“Our team recently retired a legacy Marketing system to implement Teradata Marketing Operations.  We have realized a much greater user experience, as the information required of each individual is presented only as needed and at the point of the process it is required.  This simplification has greatly streamlined our marketing process and is allowing us to complete marketing projects with fewer resources and in a quicker timeframe than ever before,” said Adam Worcester, marketing team lead, Genworth Financial, Inc.

"True individualized marketing calls for solutions that address a marketing department's needs both inside and outside the four walls of their company," said Jackie Palmer, director of product marketing, Teradata Marketing Applications.  "When it comes to Marketing Operations, we invented it. When it comes to Digital Marketing, we're perfecting it.  We have no doubt our newest solution will make marketing easier and more cost-effective for our customers by empowering them to create and execute intelligent marketing campaigns that truly speak to the individual on his or her terms."

Availability & Deployment 
All Teradata Marketing Applications solutions are available worldwide. Teradata Marketing Operations is deployable through Software as a Service (SaaS), on-premises at a customer site, or hosted in the cloud. Teradata Digital Marketing Center is a SaaS-based digital marketing solution. Professional Services for implementation, training and support are also available.  

Connect 2016: Registration Open 
Plan on attending Connect 2016, the annual Teradata Marketing Applications international event. Join us in London on June 14 and 15.  Visit the event website to register. 

* NOTE TO EDITORS & REPORTERS:  On April 25, 2016, Teradata and Marlin Equity Partners announced the signing of a definitive agreement for an affiliate of Marlin Equity Partners to purchase Teradata’s Marketing Applications business. This proposed transaction is expected to close in Q2 2016, resulting in new ownership for this business.

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