oil and gas

Thrive in any moment, across the entire oil and gas value chain.


We enable Oil and Gas companies to reduce risk, improve margins, and make better, faster decisions.

  • Realizing the Intelligent Oil Field
    Discover and test new paradigms to improve safety, productivity, and quality of life. 

  • Thriving at any moment with Refining 4.0
    Transform downstream business with integrated data and analytics to improve safety, reliability, efficiency, quality, and profitability 

  • Making data available
    Effortlessly acquire, manage, and distribute high quality and trustworthy data from sensors, systems, and people, to decision makers

  • Evolving to meet the digital energy future
    Capture and transform complex data into insights to drive operational and commercial excellence with agility and resilience. 

our offerings

Across the globe, oil and gas companies are turning to Teradata to help them leverage technology innovation to transform their business.

why teradata

Our Record Speaks for Itself

Dynamic and volatility is the new norm in Oil and Gas, so delivering world-class capabilities that operationalize analytics in a robust, flexible and cost-effective way is more critical than ever. Teradata works with Global 500 Oil and Gas companies to identify key industry pain points and help customers enhance exploration accuracy, minimize cost, modernize production, better manage risk, and achieve sustainable growth with integrated advanced analytics.

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The Tools You Need for Increased Competition and Intensified Regulatory Oversight

We are recognized for our superior technology vision and capability based on integration of Teradata and open source technologies deployed in the public or Teradata cloud, and/or on-premises across Teradata and commodity hardware.