Teradata Managed Services Masterminds (MSM)

Help Guide the Direction of Teradata Managed Services

Teradata Needs Strategic Thinkers and Service Influencers

The Managed Services Masterminds (MSM) is an organization established to serve as a conduit to Teradata regarding managed service-related strategic topics for Teradata customers by seeking thought leadership, input for future offerings and objective solutions to their concerns. Masterminds are people who want to assist Teradata by influencing the company’s strategic direction in Services by giving feedback on Teradata current and future offers, tools, and services.
  • Managed Services Masterminds Details

Networking opportunities with data professionals from global companies using Teradata

Cross-customer collaboration

Potential to work with other Teradata MS customers to enhance & mature Teradata MS

Drive change

Active participation in a respected, professional organization with direct, positive impact on Teradata Managed Services (MS) users

Be committed

A minimum of a one-year commitment is expected from members 

Be the first to hear

Advance information regarding new features of Teradata Managed Services

Managed services 'hotline'

Direct communication with key Teradata members with potential to influence strategic MS initiatives

Get Involved with Managed Services!

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