White Paper

Telco of the Future

Telecommunication companies of the future will drive new value by utilizing a cloud data analytics platform with end-to-end data orchestration at hyperscale. They'll process trillions of interactions per month and more than 100 million queries per day. Telcos of the future will achieve groundbreaking capabilities by managing and optimizing data to drive success across their business and by delivering data analytics at scale in production. They'll have a cloud data analytics platform built for a hybrid multi-cloud reality. This intelligent platform has the ability to connect, integrate, and analyze billions or trillions of records each day from all areas of the business to get maximum insights.

By utilizing massive data volumes, telcos will increasingly look like big tech companies in the way they treat data as a strategic asset that enables growth, different operation models, and decision-making processes. The telecommunications industry will also follow big tech's example of moving from customer segments of many people to delivering offers to a segment of just one person. Read the whitepaper to find out how the telco of the future is digital, hyperscalable, and customizable for a single customer.