Get a 30-Minute Overview of Vantage Trial

Overview and demo of features on the Vantage free trial
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Teradata cloud subject matter experts Brian Wood and Kevin Bogusch will offer an overview of Vantage Trial. They’ll showcase the cloud data analytics platform’s features and capabilities, provide demos, and offer industry examples—in just 30 minutes.

Vantage Trial offers a tailored experience for three key user groups:

Analysts. Vantage simplifies extracting data insights and enables informed decisions using sophisticated software that explores industry scenarios. Analysts can drive new value via automation and operationalized analytic workloads.

Developers. A modern interface saves time with integrated software in one unified environment. Built-in functions boost productivity with preloaded use cases and functions. Developers can use Native Object Store to easily join with and query data in Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.

Operations. Vantage offers simple scalability to save money and time, which is ideal when those in operations want to start small and increase compute independent of storage.

Vantage Trial enables users to get easy access to data analytics in the cloud.