Teradata Enables Lowest Cost Analytics at Scale

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No matter how their usage scales, companies like Norfolk Southern Corporation, Air France-KLM, Vodafone, DHL Express and RBC enjoy seamless access to Teradata Vantage advanced analytics so they can use data as their greatest asset.

Norfolk Southern Corporation has ~5000 users every day running ~3million different queries with 339 production databases. This empowers them to locate any railcar in their network at any given time, all customer and accounting information associated with it, crew data and more. Essentially, anything related to their transportation network is all contained in their data warehouse.

Using a data analytics platform allows better insight into business, enabling better decision-making. DHL Express uses Teradata to explain events of the past, to better understand the cost and profitability of every shipment. Taking such a granular look at shipments allows them to surgically determine how to address any gaps. 

A number of business areas at RBC utilize Teradata. These include commercial banking, US wealth management, AML, fraud, CRM systems, insurance—all storing their data and running their analytics on Teradata. Air France-KLM Group goal to dive into machine learning and advanced analytics is made possible by Vantage.

In unpredictable times, you need a predictable partner and predictable pricing.  For Vodafone Germany, 5G brings in a huge amount of data that was never before possible, across vast distances. The connectivity between machines and usage, coupled with split-second decision-making creates a multitude of use cases that generate incredible amounts of data. The reliance on advanced analytics to make sense of all that data is evident. The ability to run multiple models on top of all that data is what they consider the future.