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Teradata Vantage: See the Cloud Data Analytics Platform in Action

Expert demo of Vantage cloud data analytics in action
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Cloud experts Brian Wood and Scott Dykstra demonstrate how Teradata Vantage™ unlocks answers anywhere, offers multidimensional scalability to scale in every direction simultaneously to handle massive data workloads, and empowers everyone with data. Vantage also advances data analytics by allowing companies to scale out and scale up with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Vantage integrates with first-party services Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to solve the most complex data challenges at scale. See the unique and advanced capabilities Vantage in the cloud offers as the experts show how to get immediate value from Vantage to drive the future of business in a hybrid multi-cloud reality.

Migrating to the cloud is low-risk and straightforward with Vantage. That’s because the same Vantage software is used everywhere, eliminating the need to recode or learn new tools or languages when moving to the cloud.

Watch this comprehensive walk-through demo that features real-world examples and business use cases to see how companies can quickly and easily accelerate time to value, get answers, and gain flexibility around business analytics.