LinkedIn Live: Plug-and-Play Teradata Vantage in the Cloud

Plug-and-Play Teradata Vantage in the Cloud

Join our upcoming LinkedIn Live session on June 30, at 9 AM PDT.

We love cloud-based services. It’s a self-service menu of all the technologies you need to create anything from a simple website to an enterprise platform. A big value of these services is how they work together. So, when you bring your existing tools to the cloud, you really want them to work seamlessly with your provider’s services.

Teradata Vantage is already the gold-standard for enterprise data analytics for our customers, many of whom are migrating to the cloud. We’ve been working diligently to integrate with the most popular services across the largest cloud providers—AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud—to give customers the choice to use cloud-based services with Vantage.

Join Kevin Bogusch, Ecosystem Architect, as he chats with Anuradha Mohan, Director, Cloud Data Management, and Shamira Joshua, Product Lead, Cloud Native Integrations, to reveal the available integrations you can leverage with Vantage in the Cloud, and what’s yet to come.

No need to register! Watch the live video on our LinkedIn feed on June 30, at 9 AM PDT: