LinkedIn Live: REACH - How to make 5G pay

LinkedIn Live: REACH - How to make 5G pay

5G promises to facilitate and accelerate the next industrial revolution. Applications ranging from industrial automation, tactile internet, robotics, AR/VR, telemedicine and immersive learning could all ride on enhanced 5G networks.

As these applications mature, data analytics is and will not only be critical for identifying, creating and delivering these next generation services, but also for monetizing them.

Watch our LinkedIn Live session with Ericsson “REACH: How to make 5G pay. Using data analytics to generate new revenue streams”. In this telco expert session you will learn:

  • 5G as the enterprise G – what’s the industry 4.0 roadmap and how can it be monetized?
  • Why are data analytics, AI and ML so crucial to the success of 5G?
  • How do you build a data platform to realize the 5G promise securely at speed and at scale?


  • Niladri Dutta, Global Director – Head of AI Innovation, Data Strategy & Tech Sales, Ericsson
  • Mark Nixon, Worldwide Lead – Telecommunications Industry Consulting, Teradata
  • David Jerrim, Director – Ecosystem Architecture EMEA, Teradata
  • Moderated by Alex Kory, Director – Demand Generation EMEA, Teradata