The Big Debate

The Big Debate

Debate: What Will Financial Services of The Future Look Like With Industry Clouds?

The next mega trend in financial services is Industry Clouds - collections of cloud services, tools, common data models, APIs and applications optimized specific use cases. But just how large will their impact be?

Why join this debate?

  1. Are industry clouds an opportunity or a distraction?
    A move to general-purpose public clouds could used to mean losing custom applications or industry-specific software for some. Are industry clouds the answer? Can they offer truly industry-specific solutions that meet the needs of an industry better than bespoke solutions built over decades?
  2. Who are the leading FSI Industry Cloud providers?
    While the big three traditional cloud providers continue to duke it out at the top, do industry clouds present an opportunity for niche providers to steal market share and carve out a new competitive landscape?
  3. What is the business impact of the industry-specific digital revolution?
    The trough of disillusionment is long behind us when it comes to cloud technology, but are industry clouds beginning again along the Gartner Hype Cycle?  What business impact will be see, and how will it compare to other transformational technology leaps?

Oliver Bussmann - CEO, Bussmann Advisory
Bob Evans - Founder and Principle, Cloud Wars

Debate Chair:
Martin Willcox - Vice President of Technology, Teradata