Teradata Vantage on Customer Cloud

Purpose-built Teradata Infrastructure, Operated by Teradata,
 in Customer Data Centers

Customer Cloud and Vantage

Operating Vantage from a customer data center gives users maximum performance with purpose-built Teradata infrastructure and the ability to leverage private facilities within the larger ecosystem’s environment. This alternative to public cloud preserves the benefits of cloud deployment—accelerated time-to-value, shifting from capital to operational expense, and reduced financial risk—while providing access to preferred tools, languages, and leading analytic engines that enable answer-delivering analytics.

Teradata Vantage on Customer Cloud is the smart combination for:

Enhanced Features Access

Users have access to the latest Teradata software releases for exploring new features and capabilities

Development and Testing

Testing and development workloads can be run in an agile environment that’s the same as ecosystem applications

Quality Verification

Pre-deployment quality assurance testing verifies new analytics and applications are operating correctly

Optimal Ecosystem Performance

Both throughput and scalability are maximized thanks to Teradata purpose-built hardware

Superior Production Analytics

Unsurpassed speed, scalability, and concurrency when running operational production analytics

IntelliFlex Performance, Economy

Use of IntelliFlex, the Teradata flagship infrastructure, delivers maximum performance without virtualization overhead

Teradata Customer Cloud delivers robust data analytics

Powerful, Easy-to-use Analytics

Customer Cloud delivers robust data analytics while eliminating system provisioning and management details with the as-a-service offering.

Why Teradata As-a-Service?
Beneficial to Business

Why As-a-Service?

As-a-service deployment enables users to focus on answers, not IT, by managing infrastructure-level tasks: software patches, version upgrades, performance reporting, and support ticket resolution. Users are also spared the time-consuming work of managing the performance, security, availability, and operations of their analytics ecosystem.

Focus on Business

Environment management is handled by Teradata Cloud Operations so customers can focus on data-driven insights that boost business


Vantage software is the same everywhere and as-a-service includes support, operations, management, security monitoring, and infrastructure

Regulatory Compliance, Security

Deployment is audited for GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOC 1 and 2, and ISO 27001 compliance using advanced security and encryption methods

Scale as Needed

Scalable resources can be adjusted quickly and easily based on requirements

Easy Monitoring

Monitor and control the system using the integrated Console

Transparent Budgeting

Financial planning is simpler than ever thanks to predictable subscription pricing

Extracting maximum value from data is easy with Vantage on Customer Cloud because it packages a broad range of infrastructure services, including:


Ensure knowledge and skills are adopted with onboarding and provisioning support


It’s easy to monitor and maintain systems for optimal performance at all times

Upgrades and Patches

Users don’t have to worry about software upgrades and patch management

Encrypted Data

Whether at motion or at rest, data is encrypted for maximum security

User-scheduled Backups

Backups occur daily, weekly, or monthly, based on user preference

Teradata Support

Resolve issues quickly and easily with assistance from Premier Cloud Support

  • Features and Benefits
Advanced Security

Teradata takes security seriously, encrypting all as-a-service data, never moving it across borders, and prohibiting access to Teradata staff.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOC 1 and 2, and ISO 27001 is verified with independent third-party audits.

Storage and Computing

Teradata offers a range of compute and storage options so users can select the performance they need. See the Cloud Service Description for the latest options.

Teradata Premier Cloud Support

Comprehensive infrastructure and software support, including provisioning, onboarding, software patching, and updates are included with as-a-service subscriptions.

Management Console

Customers can access information needed for account control and management in an easy-to-use web tool.

Network Connectivity

Because the infrastructure is in the customer data center, connecting to Vantage on Customer Cloud accounts is easy. 

Why Choose Customer Cloud?

Customers consuming Vantage from within their own data center get maximum performance with purpose-built infrastructure and comprehensive cloud benefits.

Optimized for Answers Icon Optimized for Answers

Teradata infrastructure is designed and built to deliver scalable enterprise analytics.

Scales as Needed Icon Scales as Needed

Keep data requirements and workload aligned by easily scaling compute and/or storage.

Elastic Infrastructure Icon Elastic Infrastructure

Performance headroom and elasticity growth control are built-in, so users get fast system capabilities changes.

Protect What’s Critical Icon Protect What’s Critical

Data is safe and secure without sacrificing availability and continuity.

Power and Speed Icon Power and Speed

The next-gen technology used with Vantage on Customer Cloud delivers fast, consistent query responses.

Manage Workloads Icon Manage Workloads

Optimize Vantage resources using industry-leading workload management capabilities.

Recover Quickly Icon Recover Quickly

Data is always available due to the use of redundant hardware components and a Fallback feature.

Attracts Applications Icon Attracts Applications

Minimizes disruptions to applications and processes with low-latency analytics performed where data is stored.

Data Sovereignty Icon Data Sovereignty

Because analytics are performed in customer data centers, it’s easy to see where analytics are executed.

Ready to focus on analytics instead of technology? Vantage on Customer Cloud is the way.

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