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Unprecedented Power & Performance Upgrades for Teradata IntelliFlex®

Unprecedented Power & Performance Upgrades for Teradata IntelliFlex®

Today we announced an all-memory update to Teradata’s flagship IntelliFlexplatform, delivering extreme performance and storage density in each single, ultra-efficient cabinet. This is NOT a small change. With this enhancement, we are providing our customers with more performance, more storage, and more memory in the same footprint, and at half the energy consumed per unit of performance delivered. You may be wondering how Teradata can is accomplishing this.

The upgrades are the result of a move to all solid state drives (SSD). Despite providing orders of magnitude better performance than hard disk drives (HDDs), SSDs have been cost prohibitive to include as standard equipment in a data warehouse appliance. However, SSD capacities have continued to increase while prices have declined. We are proud to say that Teradata is the first to recognize and take advantage of this industry trend in our data warehouse appliance, making it possible to reduce the required data center space while delivering a massive increase in processing power for mission-critical analytics at the speed-of-thought.

Features of the new IntelliFlex cabinet include:

  • Massive, up to 7.5x increase in processing power for compute-intensive analytics
  • Faster execution of data warehouse analytics with speeds up to 4.5x greater
  • Lower data center costs by enabling up to 3.5x customer data space
  • Reduced carbon footprint with up to 2X performance per kW of energy used IntelliBase

Companies are facing a massive growth in data and data complexity. They depend on trusted analytics to turn this data into valuable and timely insights to compete more effectively. But as organizations are forced to tackle more complex problems at a larger scale, the demand for business analytics increases—and a more powerful, elastic infrastructure is required to handle spikes in planned and unplanned demand. We specifically designed IntelliFlex to meet these demands inexhaustibly, making it easier and faster for organizations to make data-driven decisions that improve business outcomes.

The new IntelliFlex platform will be available in Q2 2017, with availability in Teradata IntelliCloud coming later this year.

Portrait of Imad Birouty

Imad Birouty

Imad Birouty is Director, Technical Product Marketing, for Teradata. He is responsible for marketing Teradata products (database, utilities, and platforms). Imad has twenty-five years of Teradata experience, with specialized expertise in data warehousing, decision support, customer management, analytics, and appliance platforms. He serves as a Teradata spokesperson, interviewed by the technology media, and is active in Teradata events across the world. He is highly conversant on topics in the field of big data analytics and how cutting-edge companies are using Teradata products and services to advance their business performance. He resides in the San Diego area, where Teradata Labs has a facility largely populated with engineers, designers and technicians.

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