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How Air France-KLM Group Uses Cross-Channel Analytics to Smoothly Connect Over 100M Passengers

How Air France-KLM Group Uses Cross-Channel Analytics to Smoothly Connect Over 100M Passengers
Air travel is fun when you fly with Air France-KLM Group. The award-winning airline strives to provide its customers with high-quality service by adapting to their changing needs. Air France-KLM Group uses cross-channel analytics to understand each stage of their customers’ journey, allowing the airline group to enhance customer experience and minimize churn. 
Comprised of two strong brands, Air France and KLM, Air France-KLM Group aims to always be by your side. They have dedicated themselves to delivering pleasant and stress-free travel for all passengers, even in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 
We have three initiatives this year. One, regarding personalization. Making sure that we are always pushing the best offer and best service at the right time to the right customer. Two, we have a big focus on advanced analytics. How do we expand the footprint of our data throughout the company, and making sure we’re extracting the value of this data to see are we are efficient or not? And [three] we have a key initiative with disruption management. As the owner of the 360 view of our customer, we have a key role to play in sustaining these initiatives.” - Charles Girard, Customer Data Officer
The airline is committed to personalizing their customers’ experiences through every touchpoint--communications, booking, check-in, departures, flight disruption management, arrivals, baggage claim, and feedback. Air France-KLM Group knows that their passenger’s journey begins far before they reach the airport. The customer relationship begins with the pre-booking data, web searches, and extends beyond post-trip communications.
Using Vantage™, Teradata's flagship analytics platform, Air France-KLM Group performs cross-channel analytics of customer data. To provide a seamless experience for travelers, the airline integrates both structured and unstructured data to build a 360-degree view of their customers. This data includes:
• Pre-booking;
• Booking;
• Preparation;
• Departure/Delays/Cancellations;
• Flight;
• Arrival/Delay;
• Baggage Claim;
• Social Media;
• and Customer Call Center Interactions.
With Vantage, the airline group conducts pathing analysis, allowing them to identify key triggers, inform pricing/promotion opportunities, mitigate churn, and enhance the customer’s experience. For example, when analyzing a passenger’s timeline to extract the most impactful interactions, it’s important to know what happened at check-in, bag-check, departure, and arrival.
Air France-KLM Group’s use of cross-channel analytics results in richer and deeper personalization, scaling to over 100M Air France-KLM Group travelers a year!  
“In the customer journey, we are gathering as much information as we can gather. It starts with the pre-booking part, the visits we have on the website. We are able to identify them, the initial communication that has been sent to the customer, where the booking was made. All the reference data regarding the booking. Then we have the pre-travel information. Then we have the experience in the airports - when you’re checking bag, when you’re boarding the aircraft, when the aircraft is departing. Then we have the arrival of the aircraft. Potentially everything that happened in between, and everything regarding to post-travels. On top of that we’re continuing with social media communication and adding it to the customer journey.”Charles Girard, Customer Data Officer

This is an example of pervasive data intelligence; the ability to bring the power of analytics to 100% of the relevant data, all the time, wherever it is located.  
Our customer, Air France-KLM Group, an award-winning airline group, is successful by smoothly connecting and delighting at scale, providing superior customer service to over 100M passengers a year.
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