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More Cloud Milestones for Teradata: Azure, AWS, IntelliCloud

More Cloud Milestones for Teradata: Azure, AWS, IntelliCloud

Put more points on the leader board for Team Orange – because we’ve got more good news for Teradata in the cloud! Yet again Teradata has raised the bar when it comes to cloud data warehousing and cloud analytics.

How’s that? Well folks, we just published another set of improvements to our software in both Azure and AWS Marketplaces – and we’re innovating into overtime with Teradata IntelliCloud, our popular and secure managed cloud service for data and analytics. This explosion of cloudy orange awesomeness is truly impressive.

Here’s the deal: Less than a month after the previous big update, our latest volley contains the following highlights (note: more details at the bottom of this post):

Teradata in both Azure and AWS Marketplaces

Teradata in Azure Marketplace

  • Replaced local storage virtual machine “G5” with lower-cost local storage options L32Sand L8S, which saves money
  • Added support for more storage at 30 TB with DS14_v2 and DS15_v2, virtual machines using network attached storage, which increases capacity

Teradata in AWS Marketplace

  • Added support for Teradata Database Fold / Unfold (see below)
  • Added information on customer keysfor encryption

Teradata IntelliCloud

Added self-service IntelliCloud Management Console
  • Adding smaller instance size for Teradata IntelliFlex
  • Adding support for (yet) another AWS region (to complement London, Frankfurt, Ireland, and the US)
  • Adding support for IntelliCloud on Azure this quarter – stay tuned!

Let’s talk: Teradata IntelliSphere

Having the ability to add Teradata IntelliSphere as an option when selecting a Teradata Database subscription on Azure or AWS Marketplace is a big, big change – for the better.

In the past, each ingredient of the Teradata software ecosystem (i.e., the Teradata Unified Data Architecture) had to be subscribed to – and paid for – separately. With IntelliSphere, however, entitlement to 10 different software capabilities is now rolled into ONE convenient subscription. Easy.

So, not only is it MUCH more convenient to pay for and get access to additional Teradata software, customers with an IntelliSphere bundle as part of their Teradata Database subscription now have no reason NOT to use any or all the software that is part of the bundle – because it will have already been paid for!

Personally I suspect that experimentation with, and utilization of, IntelliSphere capabilities such as Teradata Data Lab (web page and brochure), Teradata Data Mover (brochure), and Teradata QueryGrid (web page and video) will rise rapidly. Read and learn more about IntelliSphere on the website page or in this blog post.

Teradata Database Fold / Unfold

The terms “Fold” and “Unfold” are nifty ways to describe the ability to expand and shrink the size of a Teradata system – and not just in the cloud, but across all Teradata deployment options: public cloud, private cloud, IntelliCloud, and on-premises.

Unfolding a system is scaling out by “unfolding” the compute resources, like how a Japanese hand fan unfolds to go from a narrow bundle to a semi-circle for full cooling effect. Likewise, Folding a system is the act of shrinking the compute resources or “folding” the fan back into its original compact state.

Our latest update enables Teradata Database systems on Azure and AWS Marketplaces using network attached storage (i.e., Premium in Azure and Amazon EBS in AWS) to Unfold twice. Think of it as going from 1X (initial state) to 2X (one Unfold) and then, if desired, to 4X (second Unfold) by doubling or quadrupling the number of compute instances. The reverse is also true: customers can revert from 4X to 2X and then back down again to 1X if desired. The whole thing is slick because it enables customers to crank up the compute volume when they need it, then dial it back down when they don’t. Now that’s cloudy




Marketplace update details:

Teradata Database on Azure

  • Added support for Teradata IntelliSphere bundle subscription.
  • Added Enhanced IPE, also known as Adaptive Optimizer.
  • Replaced G5 local SSD VM with lower-cost and mostly equivalent L32S.
  • Added support for L8S for local SSD VM.
  • Added support for 30 TB with DS14v2 and DS15v2 for premium SSD VM.
  • Updated security group settings for Teradata Server Management.
  • Updated Premium Storage Deployment illustration.
  • Teradata Database on Azure release notes available here.

Teradata Database on AWS

  • Added support for Teradata Database Fold and Unfold.
  • Added support for Teradata IntelliSphere bundle subscription.
  • Added Enhanced IPE, also known as Adaptive Optimizer.
  • Added information on encryption.
  • Updated information for creating a system image.
  • Added how to configure Server Management to receive alerts.
  • Updated security group settings for Teradata Server Management.
  • Updated Database Deployment illustration.
  • Teradata Database on AWS release notes available here.

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